Android In App Billing and Subscriptions GetPurchases always returns 0 products

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I'm having a nightmare of a time getting In App purchasing to work with subscriptions. QueryInventoryAsync works fine to find the subscriptions for purchase (which tells me my app is ok and they are published and can be found in the store) and it will let me buy the subscription via the store testing sandbox...I know that works because the subscription shows up on the app.

But GetPurchases(ItemType.Subscription) always returns 0 products. When I switch to testing with Item.Product and use the Reserved Product ID for purchasing GetPurchases does return the product, so it's not any of the normal things like the App key, missing sdks, etc... The fact that QueryInventoryAsync works also tells me its not my config (I've been through each of the troubleshooting items multiple times).

I'm currently using the latest pre5 release of Xamarin Forms, and have both the latest Play and Billing sdks installed. At this point I've got no idea ability to troubleshoot since it's not my code, and can't release our product to the store since there's no way to buy it.

Has anyone got Subscriptions to work with Xamarin's In App Billing? Is there some undocumented trick? Has it just broken with a recent update?

Thank you for your help.

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