Can't click button after a simple animation on its view parent

The question resume the whole thing.
The button only work after i change orientation, no matter from witch orientation it was started.

I found out that it seems that the hit box of the button does not follow witch if its true would be really stupid.

Is this a known bug and how to patch it?

Also by using the tutorial word by word for animation, the event for the end of the animation make no error but the simulator get stuck in the launch screen.

I had to use Task.wait to sync a function with the end of the animation



  • craymondcraymond CAMember
    edited October 2016

    For more information

    I have a view that is hidden behind another view. When the search button is pressed, the view move by 44 pixel.
    The view contains a search bar and a button to cancel and hide the search bar who do the same animation but in reverse.

    The search bar and button both have constraint that make them consistent on all screen size and orientation.
    The search bar and the button both have the same set of constraint: left margin, right margin, height constant and top margin

    The parent view also have some constraint for left margin, right margin, height and top margin.
    On orientation change i have a function to make the search bar Y position look the same relative to the view hiding it. The constraint are not updated.
    Should I edit it and update it after the animation?

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