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MasterdetailPage menu buton hidden in Android (and iOS) when navigation stack is not empty


It appears that in Android (and iOS) the menu button (see images below) will be covered by the 'Back' button when there is at least a page on navigation stack. To bring up Masterdetailpage again, I have to click 'Back' (multiple time depending on how many pages on stack).

The same issue does not occur in UWP, where the 'Back' button and the menu are in different rows.

I wish to maintain navigation stack and, at any time, access the masterdetail page. However, with the menu button hidden (covered by 'Back' button) it doesn't seem to be possible until you clear the stack.




  • John.9257John.9257 USMember

    For example, suppose that in Contacts page, I have a button 'Go To' which will show a sub page by pushing it onto navigation stack,

    await Navigation.PushAsync(new MySubPage());

    Now there is a 'previous' page (Contacts) in addition to MySubPage on stack, and the back ('<') button will show at navigation bar.

    In Android, the back button will be placed on top of the Page button, making the Page button inaccessible. (Tested by 5'' Hitkat (4.4) XXHDPI Phone simulator)

    In UWP, they are in different rows.

    Any ideas?

  • John.9257John.9257 USMember

    In other words, is this a bug, or is there a better solution?

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