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Packages did not load correctly

I was working with Visual Studio xamarin with no issues. But suddenly it stopped working with some messages like 'XamarinShellPackage' did not load correctly, 'GitHubPackage', 'EditorPackage' etc also showing the same issues. When I am trying to open a new project, it is showing an empty template. Everything is missing like Crossplatform, Web, VB, and all. I am not able to even 'open' a project.

Please tell me a solution. I tried VS 'Repair' and 'Modify'. But no result.


  • victor.zuevvictor.zuev UAMember ✭✭

    Have the same issue but with XamarinIosPackage andXamarinAndroidPackage did not load correctly messages . Repair and Reinstall of all VS staff doesn't help(

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