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Blank screen problem

tescotttescott USMember ✭✭

I'm running into a problem very similar to the one described in this thread:

My application is utilizing a UIViewController for the implementation (actually, it is the libgdx implementation of the IOSUIViewController) and have the Google Ad Mob assembly from integrated. I set up AdMob in test mode. The ad appears and life is good. When I visit the test ad and then return, my screen quits rendering texture graphics. I know that OpenGL in the app is working to some extent -- the clear color that I have defined is being shown.... just no graphics. The screen is still responsive and the areas that have buttons defined are responding -- I can hear the sound effects that get played when they are touched.

I created an example OpenGL application and that works flawlessly. I can visit the test ad and return and the bouncing test block appears as expected.

Anybody have ideas why I'm seeing my textures disappear?



  • tescotttescott USMember ✭✭

    This one turned out to be an issue with not properly reloading the OpenGL context after switching views.


  • Hi, when you say "not properly reloading the OpenGL context", did you have to manually reload textures at all? I haven't seen this issue yet, but I'm adding support for GoogleAdMobAds right now.

  • tescotttescott USMember ✭✭

    I'm using libgdx for my frameworks. I had to execute its methods that invalidate textures, etc. which ultimately cause the OpenGL context to get reloaded for me.


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