Xcode 8 quitting when syncing changes to Xamarin 6.1.1

My app is Xib-based and I've been relying on Xcode to manage/setup all my xibs thus far. I just updated to Xcode 8 and Xamarin Studio 6.1 and now every time I switch back to Xamarin from Xcode, Xcode silently quits. No error. Just gone.

As soon as I bring Xamarin's window into focus, I see the status showing "syncing changes" as it normally does. The changes get saved but then Xcode just disappears and I have to reopen everything again.

Anyone else experiencing this? Have a fix/workaround?

Here's the SO link:

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  • HortinzHortinz GBMember ✭✭

    here you go https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=44285

    raised, fixed and reopened..

  • GoldfingerGoldfinger USMember
    edited September 2016

    Is Xamarin seriously considering dropping Xcode support? That's insane! Does Xamarin's Studio IB work for anyone? It literally takes me about 5 minutes to open a XIB file. Not only is it incredible slow, it also doesn't accurately portray the UI or support or the latest features. This would seriously be a deal-breaker for us!

    I would honestly rather have to deal with Xcode crashing every time than having to deal with Xamarin's IB. It's faster to reopen Xcode than it is to open a single XIB in Xamarin but most importantly...Xcode's IB actually works!

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    To reiterate Comment 10, there is no current plan to drop support for Xcode synchronization any time soon.


  • GavinGrantGavinGrant GBUniversity ✭✭✭

    JeffreyStedfast commented
    We are pushing to completely drop support for exporting to Xcode as it doesn't make sense to support 2 different ways of doing the same thing.


    Mikayla Hutchinson commented
    To clarify - we are not dropping Xcode support at the moment. We would like to be able to drop Xcode support, because Xcode does not allow us to make it work reliably, however we recognize that there is still a need to use it sometimes.

    I added emphasis on 'at the moment'. I would add that there is more than a need to use Xcode 'sometimes' but ALWAYS.

    @BrendanZagaeski Are you absolutely sure about your statement? How long term is Xamarin's commitment to supporting Xcode.

    Jeffrey & Mikayla's statement are the most revealing. It suggests the idea has strong support among the Xamarin engineers. Even though, judging by the comments from many developers that the IOS Designer in Xamarin Studio is not fit for purpose for anything remotely complex.

  • AnthonyBoudouvasAnthonyBoudouvas GRMember ✭✭
    edited September 2016

    Wondering what exactly is going on...Does Xamarin has a plan to drop Xcode support (and make Mac development even more difficult) or not?

    Even if Xamarin.Mac support comes eventually to Visual Studio (as Miguel de Icaza says here: https://www.reddit.com/r/programmerchat/comments/4dxpcp/i_am_miguel_de_icaza_i_started_xamarin_mono_gnome/)

    Xcode sync will be needed, right? Unless there is a Mac UI Designer in the making...

  • KashifShaikhKashifShaikh CAMember ✭✭
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    From the comment by @BrendanZagaeski:

    Providing support for not quitting Xcode 8 between synchronizations might therefore rise to the level of a "feature >request" of sorts, so the best way to pursue that request might in the end be to submit a request for it on >https://xamarin.uservoice.com/ (something along the lines of "Do not require Xcode 8 to quit when synchronizing changes >into Xamarin Studio"). As a caution, I myself don't know enough about the technical limitations to know if the feature is >feasible, but if nothing else, the UserVoice post would provide a place to tally up votes for the request to assess user >demand relative to other features.

    What? This xcode sync problem with xcode quitting happened last year or so, where it was classed as a "feature". Lots of people complained - and it tooks many, many months before fix was posted on to a stable channel.

    Now it's happening again. And now you say we should file a feature request? Why does XS keep flip-flopping on behavior?

    I need to keep xcode open for more than just my Xammy project, and having it quit on me, sucks big time.

    Don't do this to your customer.

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited October 2016

    Now it's happening again

    The underlying reasons are different this time.

    Also, the status of individual bugs is a dynamic story. Comments that were up-to-date earlier in the conversation are not necessarily relevant later in the conversation. The comment you quoted from September 19 is an example. As noted later on the bug report, the engineering team later assessed that there might in fact be a way to restore the Xcode 7.3-like behavior in Xcode 8 by some smaller adjustments the existing implementation. That is a different story than where things stood on September 19. Note how the corresponding UserVoice post linked later in the bug report has been closed for this reason.

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