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Xamarin forms Entry / binding bug on Android 7

Android 7 / XF has a problem with some combination of Entry fields, binding, keyboards. I haven't figured out exactly what is the root cause. It came to my attention after upgrading my personal phone to Android 7 and testing an app I'm working on.

I have this problem in a complex app but please see the reproduction of this bug I have posted here :

Basically, after editing the 'Receiver's Name' entry field, and then editing the 'Receiver's Email', the data being entered into the email field appears visually (and in the associated viewmodel) against the 'Receiver's Name'.

Also, I've noticed the wrong keyboard is displayed when editing the email field, it should be the email keyboard but after flashing up reverts to the default keyboard from the first field.

It works fine when deployed to a Android 6 device, but a physical device and an emulator running Android 7 both have the same problem.

In the attached image, I typed 'Ross' in the 'Receiver's name', then I typed '[email protected]' into the 'Receiver's email' entry field but the data is bound to the first field.



  • DirkWilhelmDirkWilhelm USMember ✭✭✭✭


    I have the same problem. I guess you didn't find a solution yet?

  • rossjempsonrossjempson AUMember ✭✭

    @DirkWilhelm No, sorry, I haven't found a solution. Fortunately for my project its not an issue because its not a public app, and I don't have to support Android 7 in the short term. It was basically just affecting my personal phone.

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