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What's the current status on running WatchOS 2 and 3 apps on physical devices with Xamarin?

Can anyone explain to me what the status is for building apps using WatchOS 2 or 3, testing them on a physical device, and uploading them to the app store with your parent app?

I ask because for awhile we were able to do WatchOS 1 apps on physical devices, however when Apple made it so that you could only submit apps to the store using WatchOS 2 back in June, we were unable to use Xamarin to create the WatchOS 2 apps since they could not run on real devices, only the simulator. Is that still the case? Can I finally build a watch app with WatchOS 3 and actually have it run on a physical device and upload to the App Store, or is that not yet available?

Thank you for the help clearing this up!


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