How to force garbage collection including large memory heap?

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Normally when working in C#, if I want to force a garbage collection, including the large object heap, I would do the following (possibly with extra args on the GC.Collect call):

GCSettings.LargeObjectHeapCompactionMode = GCLargeObjectHeapCompactionMode.CompactOnce;

Building for mobile using Xamarin.Forms, I don't see the LargeObjectHeapCompactionMode property on GCSettings. Is there an alternative way of forcing everything that is unreferenced to be garbage collected when using XF?

I want to include some code during development that at the press of a button will check that all of my page objects (other than the current page) are no longer referenced. The base class that I use for all page objects keeps track of whether a particular page type has been instantiated but not yet finalized. However, I need to be able to force the finalize of all unreferenced objects when I press the button.


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