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Hello, what the latest news about picker in xamarin Forms?
I need to use 3 number pickers side by side, I'm using FreshMVVM so they would be binded to a list of values of my PageModel, and I want retrieve the selected value when my page it's ready to submit values.
What is the best way to do it now?
I saw that native Pickers didn't support binding of Item, what do you suggest to do?
There's an affordable package or it's better to do it manually (like explained here)?
Thank you

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    Thank you, I'll try it asap, bindable picker ready to put in my project, seems to be what I need.
    And what about picker customization?
    Do I need to use custom renderers?
    Thank you

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    @JulienRosen said:
    i think this is probably the best all-in-one package


    there are a few implementations on the forums here, otherwise

    Another couple of things, I'm using your useful package and I have a doubt with the advancedFrame:
    1- if I set the InnerBackground it doesn't change the background color like in your example, but it works if I set the BackgroundColor property
    2-I would like to group all my settings in a classic resource file (xaml). If I declare a style like this:

    <Style x:Key="ButtonStyleRed" TargetType="fe:AdvancedFrame">
          <Setter Property="BackgroundColor" Value="{StaticResource RedButtonColor}"/>
          <Setter Property="CornerRadius" Value="10"/>
          <Setter Property="Corners" Value="all"/>

    and then I apply it to the advancedFrame (Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyleRed}") it doesn't work, I have a runtime error that tell me that CornerRadius property doesn't exist.
    If I use StyleClass property instead I have an error telling that the CornerProperty doesn't exist

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    Hello, another question is, do have I a way to increase the border line thickness?

  • CaioshinCaioshin ITMember ✭✭


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