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Consume Webservices in Portable Libray using Xamarin


I m using Visual studio 2015 with Xamarin.

See the screen shot, i have consumed webservices (ASMX) on Myproject.Droid, Myproject.IOS and Myproject.Winphone.

But We need to add Webservices on Portable library. so we can access in all the Myproject.Droid, Myproject.IOS and Myproject.Winphone
navigation application.

We tried to add on portable library but do not option to Add to web reference.

How to add my webservice globally? so we can use it in all navigate application.



  • I have the same problems. You cannot add wit the PCL. You have to create a new project under the solution so you can add a refrence to that. I was able to do that. However, I cannot make a reference to the PCl, however. any one knows this. let me know.

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