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Master Detail Page: Config Detail Page to Slide With Master Menu Rather than Menu Above

pmhart83pmhart83 USMember ✭✭✭
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I noticed that MasterDetailPage has a "MasterBehavior" property which I currently have set to MasterBehavior.Popover.

Currently our menu slides on top of the detail page. We would like it to slide WITH the detail page and push the detail page x coordinate over as far as the menu is open. I have seen this before, and while setting the MasterBehavior to Split sort of achieves this the menu always stays open.

Does anyone know how to get a slide-able master menu that slides over the detail page not on top in iOS? I guess I could create my own custom UI for this but hoping there is something quick I could do.


  • pmhart83pmhart83 USMember ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016

    Here is what I have learned since posting yesterday:


    I can use a "PhoneMasterDetailRenderer" for the tablet MasterDetailPage but it goes 80% the width and looks bad.

    Looking at the source for this renderer here:

    The function:
    void LayoutChildren(bool animated)

    The 80% is hardcoded and the function is not virtual.


    If I extend TabletMasterDetailRenderer I can get the open animation to work if I override:

    With the following logic

    public override void ViewDidLayoutSubviews() { base.ViewDidLayoutSubviews(); if(View.Subviews.Length >= 2) { var x = 0; if((Element as MasterDetailPage).IsPresented) x = 320; var detailView = View.Subviews[1]; detailView.Frame = new CoreGraphics.CGRect(x,0,detailView.Frame.Width,detailView.Frame.Height); } }

    But ViewDidLayoutSubviews does not happen when the menu closes so the detail page stays at an offset x 320.


    Write my own ... I could basically just copy all the open source from just to change that 80% however after adding 6 extra classes it was getting to be too many dependencies and was still not all there. Would be easier just to write one custom scrollview.

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