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App always goes to main activity when returning to the foreground

I’m having a strange problem with my Android builds since the update. When I run an app for the first time, move it to the background with the home key, and then bring it back into the foreground, none of the lifecycle methods for the recent activity are called and the app’s main activity is pushed onto the top of the back stack (meaning that I go straight to the main activity, and to get back to where I was I need to hit back). This is only the case for the first time the app is run. After I close it and re-open it, everything is fine. I’ve tried this on a couple different devices, and on some other projects including a couple of the official demos; it's happening on everything. I have yet to try building on a different machine. Is anyone else having a similar issue, or does anyone have any ideas on how to go about debugging this? Thanks.


  • Will_KWill_K USMember

    I did a fresh Xamarin install on another machine (I forgot to mention that I'm using Xamarin Studio Community on a mac) and I'm having the same issue, both in the sample projects and in my project.

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