SqliteConnection CreateCommand() with params not working.

Has anyone gotten the SqliteConnection CreateCommand() to actually work? Here's my simple code with some parameters that is always returning a "0". And the update does not save to the database. No error is returned.

        int update = 0;
        string msg = "";
    string qry = "UPDATE [TextAreas] SET [Comments] = ? WHERE [SiteID] = ? AND [TextID] = ?";
                var cmd = database.CreateCommand(qry, myComments, mySiteID, myTextID);
                update = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
                //update = database.Execute(qry, myComments, mySiteID, myTextID);
                //database.Update(txtArea); // always throws a No PK error even after table has a PK.
                if(update == 0)
                   throw new Exception("TextAreas table was not updated.");
            catch (Exception ex)
                msg = "Error Updating TextAreas: " + ex.Message;


  • Got it fixed now. Apparently you can have the .db file opened in a program like DB Browser while trying to call ExecuteNonQuery functions.

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