custom renderer in a Grid

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We have created a control with the custom renderer, this control is on a Grid. We noticed that for the same Xamarin form Element has two different custom renderer objects are created and attached to it. This is only happening for the first cell in the grid, other cells don't have this issue. When calling a property on this control, 2 events are fired each time, because there are two renderer instances attached to it.

Normally there should be only one render object for each element, considering we don't control how the renderer are created (they are created using attributes), I am starting to think this is a Xamarin bug.

Do we know of any bugs where more than one renderer object is attached to the same element?



  • Same here. Custom control used in a ViewCell, which is in turn used to template a list view. Only for the first item in the list, two genuine renderer instances are created. This is observed with Xamarin Forms v2.3.2.127.

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