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configuration IPA - Run tests on iPhone

I have a problem to run tests automation on an iPhone (from Xamarin Studio)

**Description : **
1/ my iphone is in developer mode and enable UI automation mode is on.
2/ My application is signed in developer mode

3/ From xamarin test recorder, I choose my mobile and mon application(IPA) : my app is correctly installed, and I can interact with my app.
4/ With the same application (installed from XTR), from xamarin studio. I can interact with the application
5/ but, if I install my application froms itunes, ou xcode, command line (bypassing the Xamarin recorder test)
6/ manually the application is correctly launched (when I click on the icon form my iphone)
7/ From xamarin studio, when i run my test, my app launches but nothing happens. An error message is displayed “ SetUp : System.Exception : Unable to contact test backend running in app. A common cause is that the app is not properly linked with Calabash. Please verify that it includes the Calabash component. »

I thought the calabash library was used just to send application (ipa) to the Xamarin Test Cloud , Not need the library for local testing ? Is it correct?

In my project, i have 3 packages
- Nunit - 2.6.3
- Xamarin.TestCloud.Agent - 0.20.0
- Xamrin.UITest - 1.3.15

**Script : **
using Xamarin.UITest;
using NUnit.Framework;
using System;[TestFixture]
public class connexion
public IApp app;
public void Setup()
{ app = ConfigureApp
public void test()
app.EnterText(x => x.Marked("numéro de mobile ou adresse email"), "0655555555");
app.EnterText(x => x.Marked("mot de passe"), "123456789");
app.Tap(x => x.Marked("s'identifier"));


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