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RIP CocoSharp!?

I am looking to develop a 2d game and was very impressed from what I have seen of CocoSharp. Sadly it seems to have not been developed for over a year. Should I look at using some else instead? I know others have asked similar questions in the past but the response was always that things were about to improve - this doesn't appear to be the case. Thoughts please....



  • MarkVincentMarkVincent PHMember ✭✭✭

    I've read that CocoSharp is still on progress and their developers are still working on that. Here's the github of the CocoSharp if you want to read their new documentations.

    I want to develop games, 2 games to be specific using CocoSharp since it's new and predicted to be great technology in the future, we should wait for now and do some stuff from what's available right now. :) But if you really want to create a game using Xamarin, go with Mono Game instead. But if you can wait, CocoSharp is still cooking.

    But it's not a rip. :) Their developers are still on the development. :)

  • JoeJohnsonJoeJohnson USMember

    Thanks for your reply Mark - I have heard the same thing but still am not sure whether I should jump in and use it. My worry is Microsoft doesn't have it on it's road-map and therefore won't commit resources to developing it further. Have you heard any recently from Xamarin/Microsoft that is definitive?

  • Most of Cocossharp seems to work fine so I think its definetely usable. Its even Open Source, so when there is a really annoying bug or so you can even fix it by yourself...Seems to be a big thing at first, but even I as a Junior Developer understood the Code quite well. The biggest thing for me is actually that you can usen Xamarin Forms with it, perfect for business applications where you need some graphic output.

  • JoeJohnsonJoeJohnson USMember

    Thanks Kai - I'm amazed that all the effort has been put I no an amazing project and it's just been dropped like that. Crazy! I've been looking at monogame but it's not nearly as slick as CocoSharp. I've very tempted to go for it but would be really cross with myself if it is dropped by Xamarin/Microsoft in the near future!

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