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4.0.10 with Mono 2.x?

ChadAtaChadAta USMember

Hi All,

I'm still new to Xamarin, so sorry if this is a dumb question:
Is it possible to use Mono 2.x with Xamarin 4.0.10?

I'm using a third-party library that seems to be incompatible with Mono 3.x



  • PJBeamanXPJBeamanX USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Chad,

    You will not be able to run 4.0.10 with Mono 2.x, you'll have to stick to 4.0.9 if you need to use 2.10.

    If you try it, you'll see what users on this thread are seeing.

    That being said, please let us know which library is compatible with 2.10 and is not compatible with 3.2.0, you may have found a bug.

  • ChadAtaChadAta USMember

    Hi PJ,

    Thanks for the response. I went ahead and downgraded.

    I'm using PlayN (a game dev library) and it's developers told me it's not a Xamarin or Mono bug. Just something they have yet to update on their end.

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