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As a Fresher Should i Learn Xamarin.Android ,IOS first or go Directly to Xamarin.Forms(native)

I want to know that is it worth learning xamarin android,IOS . As now xamarin forms gone native too(I also want to know what native in xamarin.forms means ). So as a fresh learner where should i start.
Also if you can please provide some good learning material also.

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  • MommMomm USMember ✭✭✭

    Maybe this course will give you a better understanding of Xamarin.Forms. It's free!

  • thanks.
    i am confused that
    where should i start first from,IOS(native)
    is xamarin.forms(native) [please see attached pic ] are same as of

  • Thanks
    I have basic knowledge of forms and native too. I have also worked on these .
    Okay any video tutorial you can recommend i also have access to pluralsight.
    what is the difference between these simple xamarin forms and that Xamarin forms.native that newly added ??

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