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The page Learn about mobile development with Xamarin, in the section Overview of the Visual Studio and Xamarin Environment describes how all Xamarin development is done on a Windows box with remote access to a Mac for iOS debugging and testing.

We develop in-house Enterprise apps. Our development platform is currently a Mac with a Windows VM running in Parallels. We develop the iOS client on the Mac in Xcode and develop the server code (C#) in Visual Studio running in the Windows VM. We then run the server via IIS Express for local debugging. This configuration has worked reliably for 2+ years.

I'm wondering if our existing configuration could be used for Xamarin development; i.e., develop the mobile client in Visual Studio/Xamarin in the Windows VM and do debugging of the iOS client on the Mac. I recognize that this would require two instances of VS running, one instance providing debugging of the server code and the other debugging for the client code.

We will continue doing some native iOS development for current apps but now also need to consider Android development, thus are looking at alternatives that will support both platforms.

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    @JamesLavery Thanks for the response. So, in Xamarin development on the Mac, Xcode isn't used at all, only the Xamarin Studio? I'd read somewhere that debugging still required using Xcode. Maybe that is old news or I misunderstood.

    I was expecting we'd do the client development in Visual Studio 2015 (since we already have the Enterprise license for that) without using Xamarin Studio -- but maybe that is a misunderstanding on my part. We already have Enterprise licensing and all that for the iOS side given our native development. We weren't looking to purchase yet another license to use the Xamarin Studio.

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    Hi Rod,
    On the Mac, if you only want to use the Xamarin Designer, then you don't need to use Xcode and the Xcode interface designer.

    Having said that, you probably still need Xcode to be installed for the app to build - others may be able to clarify this. You also may need Xcode for debugging, but I'm not aware of such a restriction.

    You shouldn't need to purchase anything for Xamarin Studio - it comes free with Xamarin.

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    Hmmm... I'm just a little leery as the licensing language is a bit fuzzy -- probably because it is left-over from the pre-Microsoft era. I sent an email to the "[email protected]" address trying to get a clarification. Since we have Xamarin only through our purchase of MSDN/Visual Studio, it raises the question of whether I can use the Xamarin Studio on the Mac. I'd just as soon not clutter up either the Mac or the Parallels VM with duplicated software and such. But I read about the VS Android Emulator (which is supposed to be faster than the ADK emulator) and it would work fastest on the Mac side. Having used the ADK emulator I really don't want to go there again. Decisions, decisions...

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