Mono System.Net.WebSockets issues


Hi have seem to ran into two problems with Mono's WebSockets implementation. The client WebSocket code is running under Android.

1) When calling SendAsync(), it seems like you have to set the 'End Of Message' flag to true all the time otherwise the Server side throws an exception about Invalid protocol. This happens after the 3-4 send/receive tries. The Server is written using .NET implementation of WebSockets. Note this behavior is not seen when using a Windows UWP WebSocket client or with a Windows Console WebSocket client. Shouldn't the EndOfMessage flag be just that, a flag?

2) When both the client (Android) and server are waiting for data (e.g. both our waiting in ReceiveAsync()), the android client will throw an exception after about 10-15 seconds of no data being transmitted. The exception is about a buffer overflow, but the buffer is one used internally in the Mono WebSocket code.

Anybody else see these problems? Or know a work around?


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