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Xamarin Auth for storing data in keychain & keystore

Abhijeet_SuryaAbhijeet_Surya USMember ✭✭✭

I am using Xamarin auth nugget to store some important data. As per my understaing Auth uses keyStore in case of android & keyChain in case of iOS.

I wanted to know whether we need to encrypt data before storing in keychain & key store.

What is general practice & more secure ?



  • Abhijeet_SuryaAbhijeet_Surya USMember ✭✭✭

    Got below mention info from here

    Saved accounts are uniquely identified using a key composed of the account's Username property and a service ID, which is a string that's used when fetching accounts from the account store. The user's password is stored in the Account.Properties collection, which is a

    key-value store whose values are encrypted when the Account instance is stored


    If an Account was previously saved, calling the Save method again will overwrite it.

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