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Error detecting Xamarin.Android SDK

LubomirIvanovLubomirIvanov USMember
edited June 2016 in Xamarin.Android


Following the guide here: I wanted to install Xamarin Studio Manually (not Visual studio), because I already build native Android apps with the Android SDK/NDK and I didn't want the large download of VS, security updates, et cetera. This guide has the following comment: "When using Windows you have a choice of IDE – Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio".

The Xamarin Studio IDE starts but I have this problem (cannot select "Android" as a mobile target):

OS Windows 7 64bit (6.1.7601)

The Ide.*.log file says:

 INFO [2016-06-29 13:33:32Z]: ANDROID: sdk: Key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Novell\Mono for Android\AndroidSdkDirectory found: Path contains adb.exe in \platform-tools (C:\bin\android_sdk).
    INFO [2016-06-29 13:33:32Z]: ANDROID: sdk: Key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Novell\Mono for Android\AndroidNdkDirectory found: Path contains ndk-stack.exe in . (C:\bin\android_ndk).
    INFO [2016-06-29 13:33:32Z]: ANDROID: sdk: Key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Novell\Mono for Android\JavaSdkDirectory found: Path contains jarsigner.exe in \bin (C:\bin\java\jdk).
    INFO [2016-06-29 13:33:32Z]: ANDROID: Did not find Xamarin.Android INFO [2016-06-29 13:33:32Z]: ANDROID: Found Android SDK. API levels: (none)

ERROR [2016-06-29 13:33:32Z]: Error detecting Xamarin.Android SDK `System.ArgumentNullException`: Value cannot be null.
  • The SDK / NDK paths are set
  • I have added a name in the configure project dialog
  • Going to Add-ons Xamarin.Android is enabled.

Any ideas how to solve the issue?


  • LubomirIvanovLubomirIvanov USMember
    edited July 2016


    Is anyone even using Xamarin Studio to deploy on Android under Windows?

    After emailing Xamarin support about the same issue (that I've explained above), the response was:
    "Xamarin Studio is no longer included with our Windows installer. We encourage Windows developers to move to Visual Studio."

    So I've tried VS2012, but Xamarin.Android says that my Xamarin Account does not support VS2012.
    VS2015 on the other hand seems quite bloated (footprint wise).

  • HonglaiKimHonglaiKim USMember

    I have same errors on MAC OS

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