Pull to refresh on tamarin forms for iOS not working.

Hi ,

I'm trying to use this particular control for implementing pull to refresh on my page and it is working well when we are creating a new solution. (latest)
But the solution I need to integrate this is around 5 months old and some how it is not working in this. I'm having a tough time since last few days and finally i have come to realise that the binding is not working in the old solution but the exact same code is working in new solution. I have tried both xaml and code behind binding. Again i have used binding on number of other pages and they are working well and good. Can anyone please give some hint into why this is happening in old solution.

Or is there any other control that i can use for this.



  • NishantJhaNishantJha USMember ✭✭

    Xamarin ListView already has pulltorefresh built into it. Why do you need this control?

  • vijaithomasvijaithomas USMember ✭✭


    Got the solution to this. There was a custom renderer for ScrollView in my solution. Even though it was not being used anywhere this was the culprit. Once i removed this renderer it is working fine. :)


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