Component store repeatedly asking for credentials

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Is anyone else getting this? I'm unable to install components in Visual Studio. I maintain a Virtual Machine which hasn't been updated in a while now and that's working fine.
When I enter credentials nothing happens. Interested to find out if it's just me...:)


  • Same thing is happening to me. Here is a screen shot.

    Entering a username and password and clicking login does nothing. Looks like the layout is broken..

  • MatthewDelmarterMatthewDelmarter NZMember
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    Same issue for me. This is an urgent issue - please confirm you are looking into it. I cannot add a component to my project from inside Xamarin, or download it manually by checking through my Safari browser and going to

    In both cases login never happens. Which means it is a dead end.

  • MatthewDelmarterMatthewDelmarter NZMember
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    Regarding logging in via the browser, I can narrow it down being an issue using Safari on Yosemite.

    I can login fine using Google Chrome on Yosemite.

  • Regarding trying to add the Component via Xamarin Studio, I managed to get this working by double-clicking on the Components and opening the Components screen, and then top/right I clicked on my name which logged me out. I logged back in, and then the next time I clicked the "Get More Components" button I did not need to login again - and the component installed fine.

  • pnavkpnavk GEUniversity ✭✭

    Had this happen to me recently. What worked for me was to close the solution. Sign out of my account from Xamarin Studio and then sign in again.

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