Installation Issues

sichensichen CNMember
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I installed in the windows errors. Help us to see what is the reason

after click[continue],installation does not work


  • sichensichen CNMember

    Screen display information:Welcome to Xamarin Installer.on clicking Continue the installation will begin with Administrative rights

  • MarekHabersack.8861MarekHabersack.8861 PLXamarin Team Xamurai


    I need to know what is your Windows version and language, at the very least. It would also be helpful if you created a screencast that shows what's happening. Thanks!

  • mikecuthmikecuth USMember

    Have same problem. windows xp sp3.
    Dbl clk installer exe, get xamarin installer screen, click continue, then just
    a lot of disk rattling for 10-15 secs. Does not show up in TM after clicking continue.

  • rp.mollerorp.mollero FRMember

    Exact same problem under the same OS XP SP3... !

  • rp.mollerorp.mollero FRMember

    From futher read on the forum, It seems it's link to dot NEt 4.5 ? So is there a way to install Xamarin on XP ?!


    I have same issue after click continue there is no screen appear i was keep waiting 20 - 30 minute i did this many time with different - different installer.
    I am using windows 7 ultimate and .net 2010 in my pc. So Please help me how i can install.

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