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Known issue??? - VS2015 'Debug Selected Test' results in Deploy failed exception

Hi, Tried out the UITest framework, WOW, it looks really good. However I’m consistently running into issues attempting to debug using Visual Studio 2015 Test Explorer. It works ok for me in Xamarin Studio, however I’m trying to keep within the one IDE.

Using the CreditCardValidator.Droid sample, seems like I can debug one time after a clean reboot and clearing the app off the emulator. Then I keep getting exceptions, such as Setup:System.Exception: IDE failed to deploy app: Deploy failed.

I try various things like manual deploy first, and clearing the app off the emulator, but debug no longer works.
“Run Selected Test” works always.
“Debug Selected Test” fails with exception.

I experimented a bit with changing the ‘BeforeEachTest’ function to call ConfigureApp.Android.Debug().ApkFile(“blahblahCreditCardapk”).StartApp(), but this just resulted in different exceptions.

Is this a known issue? If so, hope it can be fixed soon. I can provide more information if required.


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