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How can I learn about CocosSharp 1.7?

So I want to use CocosSharp 1.7 for some game that I'm making, but I can't seem to find any documentation or samples online. The Guides are for <1.7, and the samples haven't been updated for 1.7 yet (only for 1.6).

How would I go about learning 1.7? Are there any resources available, or should I learn everything by myself (if I do this I would probably write a post about it, so that future users can benefit from it)?

Thanks! :)


  • IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭
    edited July 2016

    The code and guide works for 1.7 too..
    Is there anything specific you would like to learn?

  • Rakete1111Rakete1111 USMember

    Just something like a Getting Started guide :) Even though there are lots of similarities of 1.6 with 1.7, they are not completely the same, and not every sample/guide "supports" 1.7. I managed to find them though.

    Thanks :)

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