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Why device is in Starting Mode... but not deploying the application in device...???

I have created Android apps in Xamarin Studio. But for some need I have to install Visual Studio 2015 Community edition in to my system. But the problem now is whenever I am trying to run my early developed Xamarin Android program it is launching Android Player but in Xamarin Studio it is showing "Starting Nexus 5 ( KitKat )" or what ever the emulator name is and it is not moving forward .. refer to the image .



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    We are having the same issue. In our case our emulated tablet is a Nexus 7 - this happens in xamarin studio when trying to deploy. If the emulator is not running it will properly open and load the emulator - and then continues to state "starting nexus 7" indefinitely. This happened after updating to the most recent version of xamarin studio 5.9.6 (build 23). I have this problem both in Visual Studio 2012 and 2015 as well.

    The best part for us is attempting to change the device automatically and immediately crashes xamarin studio. So it is not even possible for us to attempt to plugin another device - or change the emulator to try to deploy to a different API level or device.

    Hoping there is resolution to the issue ASAP.

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    Same issue. Xamarin Studio seems to lose its mind on occasion and can't talk to the emulators or devices anymore.

    Sometimes it will work fine but then suddenly stop deploying the app after 6 successful times.
    Sometimes closing the emulator and reopening it with the Emulator manager and then running running from Xamarin Studio works.

    However occasionally nothing works and it takes a hard reboot of the PC to clear it(at least for me). I assume some service is getting locked up. Anyone got an idea what service needs to be cycled to fix this (instead of a hard reboot).

    BBL gotta reboot now :D

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    Same issue here. Run from VS 2015 - starts the Nexus 7 (Marshmallow) emulator but then VS hangs during the deploy process. I left it run overnight and after 8 hours it had still not deployed and not even errored. Not good.

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