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DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView: Unable to read package

KirKir USMember ✭✭

After installing NuGet package DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView by DanielL, I can no longer install/update any other package. I get this error in the package manager console:
Unable to read package from path "DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView.1.0.7\DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView.1.0.7.nupkg". File contains corrupted data.

i'am using Windows 10, VS2015 14.0.2542400.00 Update 3, nuget v3.4.4 and v3.5.0-beta2.

i'am trying to delete folder "packages" from project.. It did not help.
I have tried:
nuget.exe locals -clear all
nuget.exe locals -clear http-cache
nuget.exe locals -clear packages-cache
nuget.exe locals -clear global-packages
nuget.exe locals -clear temp
It did not help too...

Just now:
New project -> add, for example, Xamarin.FFImageLoading -> Work fine!
New project -> add DLToolkit.Forms.Controls -> "File contains corrupted data"

What should I do? Thank you.


  • KirKir USMember ✭✭

    1) Unpack zip archive (rename "DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView.1.0.7.nupkg" to "")
    2) edit files: "DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView.nuspec", "d17c440ccd5f498e8fe7b8b7e3739740.psmdcp"
    from "1.0.7"
    to "1.0.6"
    3) Packs the files/folders to a zip archive and rename .zip to .nupkg.

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