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Unable to tap on Button in Marshmallow based phones

REPL structure :

 Width => 900,
 Height => 144,
 X => 90,
 Y => 1276,
 CenterX => 540,
 CenterY => 1348

Label => "Sign",
Text => "Sign in",
Class => "android.widget.Button",
Enabled => true

I'm unable to tap on specifying either Automation Id or Button with Text or with Class property. However this works fine on giving above X & Y co-ordinates.

app.Tap(c => c.Text("Sign in ")); - This doesn't tap
app.Tap(c => c.Class("android.widget.Button")); - This doesn't tap

app.TapCoordinates(540, 1348); - As of now only this was successful in tapping the Sign in Button

Please advise

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  • badarikashyapbadarikashyap USMember ✭✭

    Thanks a lot

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