How to Navigate to previous screen with in the test ?

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Hi all, I'm new to Xamarin.UITests.
I have three screens like screen1, screen 2 and screen 3, screen4. Screen 1 is to register the student/faculty, screen2 is to Login the user and Screen3 is the main page and screen4 also same. Flow will be like this screen1-->screen2-->screen3-->screen4. Where screen1 should launch only once to register the student and do not launch after registration. (no story boards, no UINavigationController)
I'm writing UITest Scripts for all the three screens in separate class files. Here I have 3 problems. i.e,

1> For every (s1,s2,s3 and s4.cs test classes) Test run simulator launching the Screen1, I don't want to run this test for other screens tests. Is there any way to Tests the screens continuously. (I apologies for my bad english...)

2> How to go back for screens in tests, when my Test clicks the screen3 button it will navigate to screen 4. so, from here (screen 4) I want to go back to screen 3 with in the Test. is it possible to do this ?
Or I'm in wrong path.

I really thankful to your answers. This would be very helpful for me.

Thank you.


  • SJ-87SJ-87 USUniversity ✭✭

    I'm sorry, I'm using UINavigation controller but, that Back button has hidden.
    and could you tell me how to access the background screen.

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    @sravan.5131 - For UITest related questions, you are normally more likely to get a useful response in the test-related forum at

    In answer to your question (2) about going back to earlier screens, normally you would use app.Back() to do this.
    You mention that the Back button is hidden. How would a user navigate backwards to an earlier screen? Your UITests should execute operations in the same way that users would wherever possible.

    Can you clarify question (1) please - I am not sure what you are trying to do

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