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Xamarin started to feel like scam or concept rather than real product

edited July 2016 in General

This thing Xamarin became like a scam and I hope you listen rather than deleting this post. There is a lot of talking and a lot of advertising for this product but when it comes to reality it is a distaste. and here is why and after that is my question:

1- bugs since 2014 are not fixed yet. xaml intellisence, axml intellisence, C# intellisence in android/ios project are all still broken since that time until VS 2015 update 3. I can't stop laughing when I read your answers about how to fix xaml intellisence. is there IT guys on earth except Xamarin guys talk about intellisence bug in terms of red and blue xml declaration?? or give solutions like: try to open it using "open as text .." !!!?
if anybody free in xamarin (and I suppose you are all free thats why nobody is fixing anything) please answer why?

2- old incompatible examples, old documentation, and more android examples than xamarin.forms, really if i want android I will not come here so stop being funny.

3- bad versioning, you update xamarin.form you get broken and can't update, try it with the most slow IDE in history (VS 2015)

4- horrible slow installation and horrible emulators, just give up these emulators and make installation and building faster please.

5- also about this broken website. registration with 12 letters password! serious? it is not our bank account I swear.

ok now the question:

Can you respect people and give them an estimation about when will be a real product like Xamarin "Concept".


  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    For such a small company what they have achieved is pretty awesome. Not perfect but pretty good. Having everything perfect takes time.

    From point 2 - they've moved to stack overflow docs so that should help get them up to date thanks to the very active community

    4 - Installation is getting better and better - pretty smooth on Mac now and one click to install with VS. XAP has been given up on as the google on is pretty good now

    Remember they've built a lot of good things with limited resources and value for money wise it's pretty impressive - especially what you can do for free (don't like what you get for free? then ask for your money back ;p). Hopefully with the Xamarin takeover of MS things will get much better, but I'm sure if you wanted to donate $100million they could fix everything.

  • MR-CMR-C USMember
    edited July 2016

    It is not about money, it is about prioritizing their backlog and wrong decisions. Imagine I want you write C# then I don't have good integration with VS all these year, nor the Xamarin studio is installed on windows. it is funny to ask .Net developers to get Mac to be able to install Xamarin to write C#!! these guys live in another planet or what?

    You are talking about achieving a lot, I can't see anything of that a lot with visual studio, this is my trial number 8 I guess, everytime I say to myself let's try it it might be fixed, but no hope. nothing works, yesterday I fixed the android intellisense today I lost Xaml intellisense in the portable project! I will just go with react native I guess, enough of this thing.

  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    We use a mix of Visual Studio and Xamarin studio in a commercial environment using Xamarin and have created mobile apps with no issues. Others are in the same boat. From Visual Studio you can build, debug, UITest and deploy Android and iOS pretty easily, the iOS designer works a charm, Forms is pretty awesome. So Android intellisense is not working, but if that's the worse thing then it's a great product.

    VS support is superb, even down to the iOS simulator remoting and USB port forwarding to make building on VS easy even for iOS. You don't have to have a Mac - so no-one's on another planet.

  • MR-CMR-C USMember

    you created mobile apps with no issues maybe, but I am pretty sure the cost in time and effort were never less than creating the apps in their own languages.

    I can't do anything from visual studio, all your statements about VS are false. and I am surprised that you think no intellisense is trivial issue. thats what I said (wrong prioritizing and decisions)

    IOS designer works a charm, cool, and where is the professional developer who uses designers? (wrong thinking again)

  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    You're making the assumption that everyone's experience with Xamarin is the same as yours and that all professional developers work the way you do.

    Those assumptions are false.

    If Jim says his experience with Xamarin and VS has been without issues, then that is his experience. His statements aren't false just because you've had a different experience.

  • AlexWhiteAlexWhite GBMember ✭✭✭

    Not saying that Xamarin products have been perfect over the 5 years I have used them but they have been good, I had products on the app store written with Xamarin tools, I come from a VS background and actually prefer XS these days but use both depending on the project type. Unusable maybe for you then there maybe an issue with your setup, but on the whole the products are good quality and I spend 5-6 hours every day writing apps using both VS and XS without issue, the sum total of my frustrations right now are switching between the CTRL button on windows to the CMD button on a mac, if that is the worst issue I encounter today then that ain't bad.

    Off to code some more WebAPI/SQL stored procedure code to provide data to my IOS/Android apps.

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