ExpandableListview with ChildItems as images in Tiles

Hey Guys,

Can any one suggest me how to create an Expandable Listview with ChildItem as Images in Tile format. i.e When I click on the main Item it will expand and show me the respective images as tiles below that. I have tried achieving this referring some example code from GitHub 'ExpandableListview', 'CollapseListView'.
Have tried it with customrenderer ListView in andoid platform in which the MainView.axml contains a Textview and the ChildView.axml contains GridView in which I will populate images. But in this scenario whenever the Expandable item in the MainView is clicked the Gridview with all the images are repeated with all its images.
I need only one GridView with all my images populated under the main Item when It is clicked. I am using xamarin.forms portable project.
Please anyone help me in this. Thanks in advance.


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