Hyper-V emulator(Android and WP) using the internet does not work

BatuhanUNALBatuhanUNAL TRMember

There are Hyper-V like to ask a related issue.
A network switch for use with the SDK simulator on the side Xamarin was founded.

and do not provide internet access. emulator for android and windows phone I installed via visual studio.

I problems closing costs before opening virtue adapter to connect when I say. or he wants me to open. I could probably does not come to mind something I've tried to work it should think about you. I can not set a specific setting hyper-v side.
I have reinstalled the operating system, this problem caused by 2 times. And for a long time picking up a full day of operation. with installations.
There must be another way.
What about the subject (s) do I do?


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