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Problem with binding IsEnabled Property of an Entry

KSchauKSchau USUniversity ✭✭
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I am implementing an "accordion view" in Xamarin.Forms with MVVMLight using a ListView with custom cells containing a Label and an Entry. I have been running into an issue with Entry(s) not reflecting the state of the backing object.

The code for the property in the class referenced is:

protected bool _entryEnabled; public override bool EntryEnabled { get { return _entryEnabled; } set { _entryEnabled = value; RaisePropertyChanged(() => EntryEnabled); } }

My problem is that in the view (see below), the Entry(s) are sometimes enabled, sometimes not even when I debug through and see that the bound object and not the element is correct.

Here is the Entry in XAML:

<Entry IsEnabled="{Binding EntryEnabled}" Text="{Binding PropertyValue, Mode=TwoWay"}/>

Has anyone experienced a similar issue or have a solution for this? Is this a Xamarin.Forms bug or is there something I should be doing differently?

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