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iPhone app to work on 3.5 inch iPhone only


I have a barcode scanning app that only works properly on 3.5 inch iPhone models. What code do I write informing the user that my app works on 3.5 inch phones only?


  • NicWiseNicWise NZMember, Insider, Beta mod

    I don't think you can. You can say it only works on newer models by limiting the CPU instruction set (arm6 vrs 7 vrs 7s), but aside from just putting a message in the description, I don't think you can stop it running on an iPhone 5.

    Better question: why doesn't it work on an iPhone 5?

  • Hi,

    My barcode scanning app only uses a small rectangle on the screen, which is calculated by the phone's resolution and size. I need the phone's resolution to scan the codes. Since I don't have a 4 inch screen to test, I am unable to support those devices.

  • perhaps you can use testflight to ask some one have iphone5 to test it?

  • NicWiseNicWise NZMember, Insider, Beta mod

    Exactly. Or get a iPod touch. You can query the phone to get the resolution (UIDevice), so the code should be fairly easy....

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