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Port Windows 10 UWP APP to Android and IOS


im very new to Xamarin. I want to port my Windows 10 UWP APPs "WiFi Tool", "WiFi Survey" and "Network Data" to Android and maybe also to IOS.

Im using heavily Win2D in my APPs and im not sure if i can use it also with Xamarin. Can i use it or do i have o use another 2D library?

Im also using "ConnectionProfile.GetNetworkUsageAsync()" to get the Nework Data usage of a device. I have just seen that i cant use "Task<IReadOnlyList> UsageList = _NetworkUsage.AsTask()" in Android. Is this because i have to use a completly different Library in Android or is it just the Syntax i have to Change?

is there some place where i can see which librarys or functions i use in Windows i have to use in Android?



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