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Getting error "System IO.IOException: The directory name is invalid" while installing the App in iOS

I am trying develop UI test cases for my App in iOS. I am using Xamarin studio to develop my UI Test Cases in C#.

I am facing error("System IO.IOException: The directory name is invalid") while installing my App using Xamarin test code. Below is the code snippet i am using to install my App in to iOS device.

IApp app = ConfigureApp.iOS .EnableLocalScreenshots() .DeviceIdentifier("f8c67472f88efb1985c2f5e73698d6bb36988f5d").AppBundle("..\app.ipa") .StartApp();

Path for my ipa is correct only.

Can any one please help me on this.


  • ionelpalionelpal IEUniversity

    I have the same issue. Can anyone help please!

  • Avinash1988Avinash1988 INMember

    On further investigation i came to know that AppBundle is the directory containing the .app bundle, not the .ipa.

    We can use .InstalledApp({Your app's Bundle ID}) instead, but we have to install the .ipa on the device before running the tests.

    But Can i install the .ipa file(App) on the iOS device using Xamarin UI Test code?

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