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Using a modified android-support-v4.jar

cheezycheezy USMember

I've recompiled the android-support-v4 source with some debugging flags. When I add this modified jar to my project under SupportLib, I get the following error

You have Jar libraries, android-support-v4.jar, that have the identical name with inconsistent file contents. Please make sure to remove any conflicting libraries in EmbeddedJar, InputJar and AndroidJavaLibrary.

Based on your release notes of Xamarin.Android 4.2.8, the SupportLib step is no longer needed.

If that step is ignored, how can I get the Xamarin tools to use my new jar file? I've tried moving the jar file from /sdk/extras/support, but the tool still compiles successfully. Where is the android-support-v4.jar referenced from?


  • BradleyBradley USMember ✭✭✭

    Make sure your project does not reference Mono.Android.Support.v4.

  • cheezycheezy USMember

    Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your recommendation. I ran into some other errors so I've put this on the backburner for now.

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