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UITest script on iOS - Adding an extra character 'y' to the TextField


I have written an UITest script which does, entering valid UserID and Password on the login screen of my application and on tap of Login button the app should successfully navigate to the welcome screen.

The script-snippet is as follows:

app.WaitForElement (c => c.Marked ("User ID"));
app.Screenshot ("Login Screen");
app.EnterText (c => c.TextField ().Index (0), "xyz");
app.Tap (c => c.Marked ("Password"));
app.EnterText (c => c.TextField ().Index (1), "password");
app.Tap (c => c.Marked ("Login"));
app.Screenshot ("Successful navigation to Welcome screen for Valid credentials");

When I run the script, it works fine on Android and test script executes successfully but on iOS, an extra character 'y' gets added to Password textfield as 'passwordy'. Thus resulting in failing the test script.
This is confusing me. I am not sure why this character is added to Password field on iOS whereas never for User ID.

Can anyone please help me, on where the I am going wrong and why this extra character behaviour?

Thanks and Regards,

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