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How to synchronously request a single GPS location update?

SunliMinSunliMin CAMember ✭✭
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I am writing a Xamarin.Forms application, but since GPS is not part of Xamarin.Forms, I am using dependency injection to get a native Android and iOS implementation of it.

Essentially, what I want to do is have this:

public async Task<Tuple<bool, string, GPSData>> GetGPSData() {
        gpsData = null;
        bool success = false;
        string error = string.Empty;

        if (!manager.IsProviderEnabled(LocationManager.GpsProvider)) {
            //request permission or location services enabling
            //Handle any error messages, store in variable string
        } else {
            manager.RequestSingleUpdate(LocationManager.GpsProvider, this, null);
            success = true; //Assuming this worked

        return new Tuple<bool, string, GPSData>(success, error, gpsData.Value);

Be a method in my IGeolocator implementation (which also extends ILocationListener on Android). It should return a Task that is a Tuple of bool, string and GPSData, where bool is true/false on whether it was a success grabbing the data, the string is the error message if the bool was false, and if it was true GPSData is not null, which is simply a wrapper around the data that is found in Androids Location object.

Before I do the error checking and such I just want to return a GPS location, hence the hard-coded return value.

The problem is that RequestSingleUpdate runs asynchronously, so when it is invoked long after the method returns. I want to handle multi threading on the Xamarin.Forms side outside of this method call. Really, ideally I'd like to simply await manager.RequestSingleUpdate.

I thought about throwing in a hacky

 while(gpsData == null);

after it requests so that it blocks that thread until OnLocationChanged is invoked and sets gpsData, however it seems when I do this, it is never invoked. OnLocationChanged only ever gets invoked if I let my GetGPSData() function return.

Is there any way of my getting my gpsData set (AKA OnLocationChanged invoked) BEFORE this method returns?

Thank you for your time.

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