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I need to make a chat application between a web interface and Android/iOS.

The plan is to make 2 chat applications.

  1. First is an Android/iOS app.
  2. Second is a web application.

I want to prototype support infrastructure of which user can open an app and then chat with the support that sits behind a web interface. Only 2 person could chat a same time (the user and the support).

I do not have credit card, hence Azure is not an option.
I cannot connect to office network from my phone and my own laptop so using local Wi - Fi is not convenience.
However, I can use my phone data plan and USB tether my laptop to connect to an online server.

My dream solution would something like Bluetooth chat between the Android/iOS app and the web interface.
Or, using a thing like DigitalOcean as a server (both cellphone and the laptop will connect to the same server).

However, I need a guidance and probably tutorials. I have done reading this book, and make a simple chat application. However there is little information on how to make chat application without Azure.


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