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Do I need a paid xamarin ui test cloud account to tests on a physical ios device locally?

ChrisGungalooChrisGungaloo USUniversity

I'm Trying to running a simple tasky pro UI test in xamarin studio on a mac. I have an iPhone 5 plugged in.

app= Confugureapp

return app;

I get the error: Instruments failed to start app.

I get the error when I specify the device identifier with the api key.

Thanks for your thoughts

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  • kentuckerkentucker USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    No you should not need a test cloud account to debug on your device. Did you provision your device so you can debug on it?

  • ChrisGungalooChrisGungaloo USUniversity

    Thanks JWhite. It seems to solve my problem. I now have a new error to do with native linking issues which I need to deal with (Im testing with the tasky pro app).

    I did upgrade UI Test to 1.3.8 and downgraded Nunit to 2.6.4. Xamarin version is 6.1 and Xamarin.iOS is


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