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Zxing.Net.Mobile - Multiple barcodes/qrcodes in a shot

Hello, i have to decode 3 barcodes in a shot. I've used the Scan Continuously function and every time i get a text, i check if is already decoded, then i put it in a buffer. When i reached the number of 3 barcodes decoded i stop the scan and handle the data.

But this solution is not so smart: sometime the "refocusing" helps me to take the others barcodes after the 1st, but other times the scanning decode only the 1st barcode again and again..

I think there are 2 ways to make this process more efficient:
1) When i found a barcode, i have to exclude from analysis the rectangle (deduced from the ResultPoints) where the barcode was in
2) When i found the 1st barcode, i take the raw image, and i will process it in another way

How could i can make this?
Someone have some knowledge about this question?



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