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To all users of MvvmCross: What is your actual setup?


I'm still on the last version of Mono for Android and MonoTouch working in VS2012 with the PCL hack using MvvmCross branch vNext.

Now I want to update my mobile development environment. During the last months there were many changes, so I'm totally confused about the best working setup for MvvmCross.
Please tell me, what is your configuration?

Which update channel do you use (stable, beta, alpha)?

Do you use MvvmCross v3 as a NuGet package or do you build the binaries on your own based on the sources of the GitHub repoository?

Do you use the Ninja Coder for MvvmCross extension?

Do you need special hacks to work with PCLs and async/await?

Do you use Microsoft HTTP Client Libraries?

Do you develop apps for iOS with Visual Studio?

Does your setup work well for you? What doesn't work properly?




  • GuillermoGutierrezGuillermoGutierrez ESMember ✭✭✭

    I'm pretty satisfied with my current setup:

    • iMac with Xamarin stable channel and latest public XCode release for build server
    • Virtualized Windows 8 with Parallels Coherence
    • Visual Studio Pro 2012 with NuGet and Resharper
    • Latest MvvmCross v3 from NuGet
    • PropertyChanged.Fody from NuGet to avoid ViewModels boilerplate
    • SQLite.Net for database persistence with my own extensions for 1:1, 1:N, N:1 and N:M relationships
    • JSON.Net for JSON processing
    • SourceTree for Git versioning in the Mac host

    I develop in the virtualized VS2012 for everything but XIB designs.

    I'm not using await/async yet until it's in stable channel because I'm working on production projects for clients right now. Maybe I'll switch back to Xamarin Studio when PCL support is in the stable channel.

  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    Even though from time to time I have to work around some bugs I run:

    • Latest Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS alphas
    • PCL by manually referencing PCL projects to Xamarin projects
    • Microsofts HttpClient and BCL in those PCL's
    • Compiling MvvmCross from source so latest PCL stuff works.
    • SourceTree combined with Git Bash from time to time
    • await and async everywhere I can apply it

    My setup is almost always bleeding edge, but I like it because I am crazy like that.

  • Tomasz, why do you need to compile MvvmCross from source?

  • And another question. Stuart wrote on SO:
    For OSX setup: "the current stable Xamarin.iOS/MonoTouch and Xamarin.Android/MonoDroid - do not use the Aplha channel"
    For PC setup: "the current stable Xamarin.Android/MonoDroid - do not use the Aplha channel"

    Is this still valid (that post was from March)? Any particular reasons I must use stable channel and not alpha?

  • MikhailFayerMikhailFayer DEMember, Beta

    My setup is exactly the same as cheesebaron's, and my reason for compiling MvX from source is that it's a large and feature-rich framework with spotty documentation, so usually the fastest way to clear up confusion about MvX is to be able to step through it's code in the debugger.

  • ChWoChWo DEMember
    edited July 2013

    Thanks for your answers.
    I've almost setup Cheesebaron's configuration. It seems to work well but my main project is completely broken now. Hope to fix it the next days in order to have fun with new async/await support.

  • ChWoChWo DEMember

    I switched back to Xamarin's stable channel. Microsoft Http Client Library still works fine using async/await. I didn't try the MvvmCross NuGet packages but self compiled MvvmCross binaries are working well.

  • AustinFoxleyAustinFoxley USMember ✭✭
    edited August 2013

    1.) Currently NugetPackage, however I am considering just doing repository for the async/await issues i am having

    2.) No ninja coder for me I was able to set it up pretty easily, but I have looked at them

    3.) For PCL I do the 2 config files for MonoTouch/Android for right now. I still haven't figured out async/await

    4.)I tried to use them but had issues with for some reason it was weird.

    5.) Yep doing All platforms in VS and also android/iOS on the mac

    6.) It is working "alright" everything is perfect except async await.

    I rock the beta channel mostly right now for everything.

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