Resized CocosSharpView doesn't appear on Android

I have a Forms project targetting iOS and Android. It uses CocosSharp along with a button within the same Forms screen. The CocosSharp view is resized inside an AbsoluteLayout. When the screen initialises the button is visible, but the CocosView is not. When I tap on the button (which has no code), the CocosView now appears. It's as if the CocosView needs to be refreshed or something. The same project works absolutely fine on iOS.

This also happens if I remove the AbsoluteLayout and replace with a Grid, placing the CocosView inside one of the grid Cells.

Has anybody come across this issue?


  • ChacChac GBMember

    In case anyone else comes across this issue, I worked round it by delaying the resizing inside my "AbsoluteLayout" "SizeChanged" handler.

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