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Picker on WindowsPhone 8.1

I try to use Picker view in PCL library and it is worked well on Android (invoking nice popup with options), but on Windows Phone 8.1 I have strange behaviour - if picker has less than 6 items then it try to expand in layout, not open in fullscreen mode like when items is more.

I would like to see one behaviour (fullscreen mode) but how I can force it?


  • EZHartEZHart USXamarin Team Xamurai

    This is the default behavior for the Picker's underlying control (a ComboBox) in Windows Phone 8.1. There's currently no way to force a different behavior.

    There is a bug in XF 2.0 and earlier where the Picker doesn't expand correctly in some situations; that bug is fixed in 2.1.0-pre1.

  • CezaryGrabskiCezaryGrabski USMember

    First workaround is to control items count and add empty items if less than 6.
    Second is to create popup control (many solutions around) to handle picker functionality.

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