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Xamarin Inspector requirements and possibility to rollback

I need to inspect the UI of my app, that now is created runtime, in order to have a clear representation of its visual tree.
I just discovered Xamarin Inspector that could perfectly fit my needs, but before to dismantle my environment (you know how much sensitive is Xamarin environment) I want to assure myself that I still will be able to work with my currently stable environment.

I saw that now it requires Xamarin Studio 6 (beta version) or Visual Studio 2015 with Xam >= 4.
I have Visual Studio with the latest Xamarin stable version for visual studio (4.1.0), I've installed this msi but I didn't see any new menu to inspect my app. Do I need to install something else?

Another question is: do have I to use it with an emulator in order to inspect the visual tree of my UI? (I have some problems with visual studio emulator that doesn't start because is unable to reconfigure my network cards).

Last question is, because I've read that is possible to use it also with Xamarin Studio beta, if I install that version, my Visual Studio Xamarin environment will also be involved in some components? (I think about dll in GAC, or some other Xamarin components installed on my machine)

I would try it but without broke something because in the same time I still need to deploy stable version of other apps.

Thank you


  • SandyArmstrongSandyArmstrong USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai

    Yes, Xamarin Inspector supports the stable Xamarin release you have installed. Our documentation still says beta or alpha is required, but it needs to be updated because the beta releases have now been promoted to stable.

    Yes, you need to use an emulator. I assume this is an Android app? I've written some tips for fixing networking issues with the Visual Studio Android Emulator here:

    To answer your last question, if you switched to the beta channel, it would totally replace your stable Xamarin install. You would be able to easily switch back, too. But you should not need to do this for the Inspector at this time.

    The Inspector has some requirements detailed here: . One you may have missed is that live app inspection requires an Enterprise license.

    Hope this helps!

  • CaioshinCaioshin ITMember ✭✭
    edited June 2016

    Thank you very much.
    Enterprise license! Developing with Xamarin it's already so challenging, why not provide all the useful tools to developers? I have business license but seems it's not enough, I'm disappointed :/

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