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Couldn't install package Xamarin Forms

IsraelGilyadovIsraelGilyadov USMember
edited June 2016 in Xamarin.Forms

It says Xamarin Forms couldn't be installed into a project that targets .NET 4.0, however, I explicitly choose .NET 4.5 as the target framework in the "New Project" window.

This issue appears both on shared and portable Xamarin Forms projects during initialization.

Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 2
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

NuGet 3.4.4


Any ideas?


  • IsraelGilyadovIsraelGilyadov USMember

    I figured this problem is caused during the initialization of the UWP project. Therefore, I checked the properties of that project and it says on top "Targeting: .NET 4.0 Framework", why does it target .NET 4.0 and then complains about it when I clearly chose .NET 4.5 as the target framework in the new project creation window?

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